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    Ok so story goes like this. I have a Nokia Lumia 520 running Windows 8.1. I was not using a WI-FI connection for a long time so when i went to my friends place I updated my phone as it was saying "An update is Available". When all the update was downloaded the device started installing it and at last it just managed a sad smiley and thus giving me a dead phone. I checked for the solutions online and came across Windows device recovery tool I downloaded the update and bang my device sprang to life. For next 5 days I was using it as usual downloading all the apps and games I had lost, when suddenly out of no where the apps decided not to open and everytime I started some app it came back to start screen and then restarted i lost some 100 Mb due to the phone automatically switching on the Mobile data no matter how much time i switched it off. Also i was getting a whatsapp notification which i had already dismissed. so what i am saying is that it returned to the settings when it was working fine. So i decided to hard reset the phone but it could not happen. Last night again i downloaded the windows device recovery tool but when i try to install it in middle when the tool tries to flash the phone it disconnects or say restarts itself leaving a red screen for an instant and again restarts leaving the software installation unsuccessful. I have tried this some 20 times but every time the same result. Any thing I could do??
    12-07-2015 10:38 PM

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