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    I got my 950 six days ago.

    Today I barely used it. Maybe 20-25 minutes of e-mail and Facebook, nothing else.
    Between 7am and 6pm battery level dropped from 100% to 30%, but the most amazing is that Battery Saver shows

    - Background usage 62%
    - Edge usage at 50.4% (mostly background - while it is actually disallowed)

    - cellular data usage at 44%
    - WiFi 3% BUT most of the time I was home, phone connected to WiFi

    I'm actually observing (from time to time) "transmission" arrows over BOTH icons - 4G and WiFi

    What the hell Edge is doing?
    My only conclusion is: it is constantly downloading/uploading something using 4G, ignoring available WiFi connection and the fact that I removed it from the list of apps that can run in background.
    12-09-2015 05:20 PM

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