03-05-2017 07:55 AM
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  1. nicktramontin's Avatar
    I ended up taking the plunge and ordering the StilGit glass screen protectors from Amazon, hopefully they'll turn up before Christmas.
    12-21-2015 05:33 AM
  2. the-scotsman's Avatar
    The best screen protector is not having one.

    With Gorilla Glass, there's just no need. The glass has a much better, smoother feel, and gives the best viewing experience of the gorgeous display.

    I haven't used a protector for the last 5 years or so, and I've bought a new flagship every year. At most you might end up with a couple of VERY minor fine marks that are barely even visible. Unless you treat your phone like ****? Even then it's difficult to damage the displays.
    12-21-2015 06:24 AM
  3. jlangner's Avatar
    I have tried 2 and none stick on side. I think known issue with MS. I emailed CS rep back that had replied to another case I had and he just said he would recommend not using one if it was him. :)
    12-21-2015 08:55 AM
  4. Babs75's Avatar
    Yeah, I ordered a different one since I didn't have good success with the first one. I've never used a screen protector before and thought I'd try it with this one.
    12-21-2015 09:09 AM
  5. MrDonGato's Avatar
    i bought an OEM Screen protector, it looked good, and i noticed the sides not sticking... but the worse was that the proximity sensor was blocked. they cutted the edges for the iris scanner, not the proximity sensor... I was annoyed and the seller threw all the screen protector for the lumia 950 xl to the trash (and he gave me a refund)...

    I need a screen protector, i have a daughter of 1.5 years, and it's like a tornado, she broke my wife's 620 (and was an excuse to buy the 640 xl) and scratched my 920... i don't want my 950 xl to suffer the same fate...
    12-21-2015 09:27 AM
  6. nicktramontin's Avatar
    I've personally never used a screen protector as I've hated them. My 920 lasted 3 years with no obvious scratches (other than the first one I scratched by putting it face down on a desk to show how scratch resistant the screen was and there must have been a bit of sand / grit on the desk...). I did keep the 920 in a pouch case in my pocket and when not in use which I don't intend to do with my new 950xl so just thought I'd give it a go. If I don't scratch the glass one (assuming it fits and doesn't block sensors) then maybe I'll take it off 😊
    12-21-2015 06:26 PM
  7. liquidphantom's Avatar
    Had issues with the Orzly protector, and they pretty much admitted the problem without admitting it *rolls eyes* So lets see what they come back with on this2015-12-22-09_35_46-mark-graham-just-got-tempered-glass-screen-protector-....png
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    12-22-2015 04:42 AM
  8. jazzedmurf's Avatar
    Just returned Incipio to the MS store and installed StilGut onto my phone.

    Pros: More transparent, better visual quality than Incipio; feels better

    Cons: Mic hole and FF camera hole cannot both be perfectly lined up simultaneously; corners STILL not sealed...

    I may take this one off and install the second StilGut screen later this week.

    Here's hoping that a solution is found...
    12-22-2015 03:28 PM
  9. jazzedmurf's Avatar
    There were a couple users who commented on the recently posted firmware update article with a few tempered glass solutions that they claimed properly and totally adhered to the screen, while not unnecessarily covering up the ambient light sensor or front-facing camera.

    Mr. Shield: http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B016XK...pUvbUpU3353170

    Fosman: http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B018SQ...pUvbUpU3353170

    Icarez: http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B015R4...pUvbUpU3353170

    Anyone have any luck with these? The pictures posted on the Mr. Shield page look promising, in particular.
    12-23-2015 12:53 AM
  10. jrjr488's Avatar
    The Stilgut eventually raised up some on all 4 corners. I got the Fosmon to replace it and it has stayed down now for 3 days on all 4 corners of my 950xl. The Fosmon is a thinner glass, so that may have something to do with staying down on the corners.
    12-30-2015 01:51 AM
  11. liquidphantom's Avatar
    Using the tudia. Initially there was a patch on the lower right side (not the corner) that wouldn't stick properly. I was going to remove it but after lifting from the bottom right corner slightly it all sticks down nicely now. Wish I had got this instead of the orzley now as it would have protected my screen from the scratch I got the day after removing it for blocking the proximity sensor.
    01-12-2016 06:58 AM
  12. Brian McMahon's Avatar
    Have had no complaints form this one which i found on ebay in the UK, has a complete cutout from the ambient sensor across to the speaker and fits perfectly :

    01-12-2016 08:18 AM
  13. GnarlyBone's Avatar
    I must get one!! Been very careful I think but sad to say 2 scratches already!

    Would not like do damage this beauty any more.
    01-14-2016 02:29 PM
  14. GnarlyBone's Avatar
    Ok, so I went and bought the Panzer protective glass. Nice feel but it's really ugly how they did the cut out's at the top right corner.
    01-15-2016 02:56 PM
  15. signal-2-noise's Avatar
    With latest Windows Phones, the Lumia 930 in particular, I have not found a proper fitting screen protector that covers the ENTIRE front surface. I tried two different makes and they both ended up peeling off over time due to incomplete edges. So I've not bothered and you know what- I've had no problems with scratches. So now that I've got a 950 XL I will use a protective case but will not use a screen guard.
    01-15-2016 03:18 PM
  16. jlangner's Avatar
    Its not the protectors that are the problem. Lay your phone on your desk and look at reflections near edge. My reflections are all slightly bent in the corners which means glass is slightly curved. That is the problem. The people that say they found a good protector probably just dont have much curve in phone glass.
    01-15-2016 03:47 PM
  17. BenderTheOffender's Avatar
    Hello everyone.

    In my experience, my 950XL DS bought on december 1 experienced bubbles on the 4 edges of the screen of any tempered glass protector I ever tried. If I look carefully at my phone, I can see how light reflections bends in the corners of the screen.
    I've purchased two sheets of glass from PhoneNatic (pretty generic, proximity sensor didn't work), two StilGut (with office clips on the four corners overnight you can at least have one bubble-free day) and one bDeals 0.26mm (first day ok, then the bubbles came).
    But now, with the TUDIA, I think I nailed it. The glass stays down all over the screen and on the edges. After wasting fifty something euros on several roughly designed crap for this phone, I can say that this protector works. Will buy a couple more just to have them in stock.
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    01-22-2016 07:15 AM
  18. cocopops's Avatar

    Any update on the TUDIA protector? Keen to get a screen protector!
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    01-25-2016 02:33 PM
  19. mpeterfi's Avatar
    If you look closely enough, you can see top corners leaving marks, which means that the protector is not fully adhered. The problem is that if there is even a slightest lifted boarder, dust will eventually get in.
    01-29-2016 06:54 AM
  20. mpeterfi's Avatar
    But are the cutouts really necessary for Hello camera? I have a glass cover on Surface Book and it fully covers the Hello camera, yet there is no problem with it at all.
    01-29-2016 06:56 AM
  21. mpeterfi's Avatar
    I bought two of the orzly protectors. Both have issues with corners having air pockets and eventually they get bigger as dirt enters underneath. the video looks simple amd perfect but it's not. Companies need to make the cutout just a half mm smaller all around and I think it would solve the problem. They all get too close to the edge and don't adhere.
    01-29-2016 07:00 AM
  22. peter leung 10586's Avatar
    I never use screen protector. I hate the cutout. It makes the phone looking clumsy.
    01-29-2016 07:12 AM
  23. peashooter14's Avatar
    Man, I am giving up. I have bought 4 of them from the recommended ones here. I am beginning to believe that my phone is not flat screened!
    01-29-2016 09:15 AM
  24. peashooter14's Avatar
    If these companies were smart they would take their screen protectors and cut out 1/2 ovals in the four corners, so there would be no glass there and no bubbles...haha. Problem solved!
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    01-29-2016 09:17 AM
  25. mmooore215's Avatar
    II previously purchased the Incipio plex from the Microsoft store which was decent only one corner wouldn't stay down. Sadly I nicked it and decided to replace it with a Skinomi tempered glass protector. I am actually sending that one back. All four corners will not stay down and there was a horizontal line running across the back of the screen protector. That one must have bypassed some quality checks.
    01-29-2016 03:55 PM
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