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    Hello, I am a long time reader iphone covert to a 950XL. Here is some information I have been told since getting the phone. I live in Washington State not far from Microsoft HQ. I am with AT&T.

    Issue- No LTE only 4G

    Microsoft tech at store- that is an AT&T issue.
    AT&T phone support- Entering a 950 IMEI will fix the LTE connectivity. Went to the AT&T store, they did it. Fixed!

    Issue- No visual Voice mail, also call forwarding does not work, the phone tells me to try later. Tried old school key stroke methods also with not luck. This will not let me set up yoummail or forward to Google voice.

    Microsoft tech at store- Visual voice mail is added by AT&T the 950 will have it if bought from AT&T. They might be able to give it to you. Call forwarding is an AT&T issue contact them.
    AT&T-correct, and we will not give it to you, buy our phone, not an unlocked phone direct. Call forwarding, not sure what is wrong, It looks like a 950 XL issue? You might need to put the correct IMEI back in? We have opened a case and sent you to support back office. Whatever that means??????????

    Ok, some other finds not related to the thread title.

    Microsoft tech at store- (the expert you make an appointment with) Images in email, hard reset. Fixed.
    Outlook not auto completing email addresses that are in your contacts- tech said updates are coming regularly and it will be fixed. Same with crashes. Tech said that Microsoft is high on WP10 and planning big things. He claims "STANDY BY!" Guess we will see. He didn't seem to be hard into the cool aid. He had an iphone 6+. Ha! Claims he wants a 950XL.

    For me coming from a iphone 6+ there have been some struggles, but continuum is awesome and I have been using it. I wish the phone gave photo compression options for emailing, app fixed that but takes longer. Email address auto complete not working is a pain though. I also wish I could receive from one email address and choose with email address would like to repond from. I have muliple accounts.

    Oh well, staying positive hope some of this helps!!
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    12-10-2015 09:10 PM

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