1. simonrl's Avatar
    Hi all

    Got my Lumia 950 yesterday, loving it so far :)

    Just one problem. I can't connect to my Exchange Server (2013). My previous phone (WP8 - Lumia 1020) connected no problem.

    The account appeared to set up correctly with a "All done! Your account was set up correctly." message. When I initially then tried to sync I got a message saying "Untrusted certificate... etc... Do you want to connect anyway?" Tap on Continue to confirm and I get this error:

    "Something went wrong
    Your device doesn't support this server version. Contact your support person or service provider.
    Error code: 0x85002028"

    I deleted the account and recreated, with the same result.

    The certificate in question is the one created when the Server 2012 machine was set up. It's not issues by a CA. But every other device that connects to Exchange has no issues with being told to trust it.

    Any ideas?

    12-11-2015 06:50 AM
  2. Vladimir Dimitrijevic's Avatar
    Hi Simon,

    This problem seems to be a bigger problem now for all who are using Windows 10 mobile, as I could see in Windows feedback. Have you solved it till now? Thank you.

    Best regards,
    03-03-2016 08:54 AM

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