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    950 Unlocked Owner - 1 Week Review

    So I like a lot of users here got my new phone last week and couldn't have been more excited. I have been on an unlocked 925 for about 2 years and I loved (and still love that phone). This was my first experience with WM10 as I most definitely did not want to make the jump from PfD to Win-Insider on mobile.

    Upon getting my phone, I took the 'normal' 2 or 3 setup/reset iterations to get the phone humming before popping in my TMO SIM and start using it. In fact I primarily used my 925 because my work didn't remove my device from EAS quarantine for about 4 days.

    I was initially flummoxed by the way in which my SMS/MMS were restored and candidly, it took too long to get used to the way accounts were added and the people hub updated. I tried a restore from the 925 once and that was laughably bad. I continue to be annoyed that my new SMS are not showing up on my 925 as they did from WM8/WM8 devices.

    Then the update happened (or didn't happen) and it took me another day and another reset to get the phone updated and configured. The last issue was needing to reset my Band2 and re-pair with new phone.

    Finally, after all the trials and tribulations I can say that my phone/band/surface and all of the MS services (Xbox, O365, Groove Music, OneDrive) are all working great together and I couldn't be happier.

    Honestly, I have not been on an android device since the nexus4, and I don't remember that being any easier to get setup and optimized.

    Still, I feel like the process was far more difficult than it needed to be, and if MS wants to keep users in the phone ecosystem they need to do a better job making the upgrade process easier and more friendly. I'm sure it is great to anyone who is creating a MS account for the first time, but for the existing users who comprise the vast majority of the 950/950xl buyers, it's a pain...and that sucks.

    I am officially of the mind that MS may want to think about a single MS app for android and iphone that installs all of the services on a phone and configures them with an existing MS account. I love the hardware but it's secondary to the services...and all of those seem to be really prolific and good on other platforms.

    My hope is that this was a function of the WP8 -> 10 upgrade and nothing more. If the process of moving to a surface phone (assuming the surface phone is feature parity with other flagships) is easier, I may stay...else this may be my last windows phone.

    We're all pulling for you MS.....but this was far too much work for the end result.
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    12-11-2015 03:22 PM

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