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    This is a problem that has plagued me for a while now.
    Some backstory:
    I bought a Lumia Icon off of Amazon from a 3rd party seller. The phone came with some screen problems, so I checked with Microsoft and found that the phone was still under warranty (and actually had an extended warranty on it). As such, I was able to successfully replace it. However, I had the phone for a day when it started giving me problems.
    The phone would randomly think that headphones were plugged into it, causing any media I was playing (over speaker or Bluetooth) to suddenly drop out. This was really annoying, and after trying different methods of resetting it to no avail, I sent the phone back to Microsoft. They replaced the phone, but the phone they sent back (the one I have now) still has this issue. After months of dealing with this problem and being without a phone for a few weeks at a time, I gave up and stopped using the phone altogether.
    Flash forward a few months, and Windows 10 Mobile became super interesting for me, so I decided to get the Icon back out and put the OS on it. I enjoyed the new experience immensely, and began using it daily. The audio issue still occurred however, cutting off Bluetooth media and disrupting playback, so I decided to ask Microsoft to replace the phone again. Apparently the phone is out of warranty (even though I bought it less than a year ago) so it is unable to be replaced.

    TL;DR My phone will randomly detect that headphones are plugged in, when there are none, resulting in no media playback and having to restart the phone. Microsoft won't replace it. Besides resetting the phone, is there anything I can do to fix the problem?
    12-11-2015 03:24 PM

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