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    nokia lumia 1020 has just gone dead no response from the phone tried hard and soft reset nothing happens tried plugging in a charger into charger port on the phone and still nothing before it went off the phone had half battery life in it and was expreincing phone freezing up and the phone slowed down and now wont come on at all i have had the battery replaced and still no joy the phone shop tried to flash the software and no connectivity with computer also the phone shop checked my old battery with another lumia 1020 and that worked so the issue wasnt the battery
    12-18-2015 08:23 AM
  2. IAKOVOS FAKKOS's Avatar
    Try using windows phone recovery tool
    12-18-2015 08:44 AM
  3. ROBBIE HALL's Avatar
    Basically the same thing happened with my 1020. You can try @lumiahelp on Twitter or the Microsoft community. I have already started a thread there.

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    12-18-2015 08:45 AM

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