1. branja6's Avatar
    1520 users, has anyone tried Lumia camera on the latest build?

    On Lumia 535 that my sister is using (on the latest wm10 build) it's working flawless.
    I'm tempted to try wm10 but I'm not satisfied with it's camera app (and the fact that records only mono audio in video files).

    Sorry if I posted in the wrong forum section.

    Tnx in advance
    12-18-2015 12:54 PM
  2. jes1888's Avatar
    lumia camera is not available for wm 10 only the microsoft camera app. However, it contains a few (if not all) of Lumia camera features, don't know about video or if it records mono audio.
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    01-04-2016 12:18 AM
  3. anon(8648115)'s Avatar
    I took some 4k video on New Years eve and, according to the file explorer, it says it's been recorded in 2 channels (stereo), which is awesome since it did used to record in only mono. There still isn't a setting to enable Dolby 5.1 so the other two mics can't be used for 4 channels like we're used to. Hoping that's brought back soon.
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    01-04-2016 02:14 AM

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