12-28-2015 07:39 PM
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    There is no point complaining about lack of Google apps like Gmail and Hangouts. Google won't let that happen because they don't want Microsoft taking market share from them. Which tells you they must feel Windows phone has enough about it to be a threat one day.

    Facebook and twitter are there, Gmail displays in exactly the same way as (Microsoft) Mail and the YouTube app I have works perfectly, as do the rest. Instagram is also there in beta but 6tag is just as good.

    If nothing else your post just proves how a lot of people are misled into thinking those apps, or their equivalents, are not there. Yes there are gaps but overall it's a minor issue, not the major disaster most reviews would have you believe it is.

    Do people spend their whole lives playing with apps? After 18 months with Windows phone I haven't missed a single app and the rest of the experience more than makes up for it anyway. My Lumia 930 is the only phone I have ever had that I can't put down. Stuff the apps myth.
    The app gap is still there. Try posting a video in facebook or using the facebook app to apply a filter to your photo or simply unfollowing a friend without going into the browser. That and the app really does take forever to load pages compared to at least the Android counterpart. I don't even think you can post two pictures in the same status update unless that was fixed.

    How much does it financially cost to use 6tag compared to Instagram with in app purchases? I really think it is great what Rudy did for the OS, but saying it is superior to the official app is untrue. Another comparison I read with the third party apps is TubeCast versus Youtube...but there is a cost for things like casting media.

    Google doesn't care about making apps for WM because the platform isn't large enough. Google doesn't care about making apps for PC because Chrome...
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    I always thought that the first impression was the best one....
    First impression's are always going to be important, mine was great, however you can still have a bad first impression but end up changing your mind completely. For example when the new Guitar Hero was announced I slated it, my first impression was horrible, but now that I've actually played it, it is in my opinion the best Guitar Hero game made to date!

    First impressions count
    Second chances matter
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    12-25-2015 10:21 PM
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    I feel your pain I had the same issues, I sold mine along with my band 2 on eBay got my money back and some. I kept the dock though as I plan on coming back once WM10 is good doesn't have to be great but good right now it is bad to many kinks. Some folks are gonna call you all kinds of haters and what not but I went through it and its well documented on just about ever tech website the issues with this phone and the software. I will wait for that Surface phone I will already have my dock and I plan on getting the next version of the surface tablet that will complete me once everything is good not great just good.
    I also returned mine. The phone (mostly the OS) didn't feel "ready" to me. Maybe one day when everything is sorted out and they come out with a "Surface phone" I might come back, but I just can't deal with the number of problems currently
    Even though I've said I was going to return it, I kept at it over the holidays. Things were still so-so, but yesterday was just god awful. I was snapping photos within a 10min span of the kids playing carnival games and the 950XL rebooted THREE TIMES! Then at dinner, because it was just a glorious pile of meat trays (hot pot), it rebooted again while there was a nice moment and I had to ask my wife with her iPhone to shoot it.

    Outstanding photos from that camera, but utterly useless if you cannot take a photo at critical moments because it reboots. I'm heading on a short trip in the next few days and I have both my Lumia and iPhone 6 with me today to do the migration back to iPhone. This might be it. Oh and this morning, it disconnected my Band connection twice in the same hour. I'm rebooting it to see if that fixes the flaky connection.
    12-28-2015 12:48 PM
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    On my 950xl, I get the "finishing touches" after taking photos on my 200GB sandisk micro SD and on the internal storage, about 4 seconds or so.
    Havent had it reboot after taking a photo. Sounds like a faulty phone.
    12-28-2015 07:39 PM
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