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    I have a 950xl, yesterday I felt it get incredibly hot in my pocket. pulled it out, the phone seemed to have switched off. I just could not turn it back on again, but it remained hot. Pulled battery out and put it back in. Still could not turn it on. Attached it to charger, battery icon showed as empty, then phone went into endless reboot cycle. Left it on charge overnight and in the morning was still in its endless reboot cycle, with battery still showing as dead. Could not hard reset either. Any ideas?
    12-22-2015 03:36 AM
  2. KimRM's Avatar
    You may have interupted an update by taking out the battery. Try running the recovery tool on a PC.
    12-22-2015 04:23 AM
  3. refishafi's Avatar
    no, it was already on latest version of the OS, and it will only update when connected to WIFI which it wasn't... the phone battery is dead and stuck in endless restart loop, I don't think the recovery tool will work, but will try - or maybe easier just to return the phone
    12-22-2015 04:30 AM

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