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    Hello all,

    Ok so let me give you a little back story and then, I'll break down to you what I did and how I did it to have a hassle free experience installing and configuring my new 950XL. (Sorry for the run on sentence.) Anyways I am an Android user since the beginning of their first smart phone. So I can say I have been there and done that with the Android OS. Yes it had A LOT of PROBLEMS TOO when it first came out. Yet with a little patience and time, everything worked out, and now they are a very successful thriving company.

    So after being with android for years on end, I thought it wads time for a change, not just a small change I am talking switch from one platform to another, and switch from one service provider to another. So for me, it was one big change for everything, and I knew that it might be challenging. I was prepare to accept what every problems I was going to run into and deal with it one problem at a time. After the announcement of the Lumia 950XL, I knew it was time for me to make the jump from Android to Windows. So my research began... I will have to admit, there was very little info out when the 950XL came out, until I find this site. I started reading every single forum post there was from all the hate threads to all the window fanboy threads. Yes I will admit I am a fan boy, since the purchase of my lumia 950Xl, my Microsoft ecosystem is complete. From phone to surface to Xbox 1/360, and my Windows 10 PC. I now can say I am 100% in, in their ecosystem.

    I had literally wrote all the different fixes that I could find, and then I pulled the trigger... I purchased my Lumia 950XL online and waited almost two weeks to get it. After writing down everyone ones fixes and asked my own questions to some of the things that didn't make sense to me, I felt I had a good starting point on what I needed to do when my phone came in. So here is what I did in order when I got my phone. but before I do that, I want to let everyone know that I have had absolutely NO PROBLEMS with this phone. It is sitting next to me at this very moment humming away working like a champ at lightening speeds. I know what those nayser are going to say... FanBoy! No.... I am just trying to let you know, that there might be a light at the end of this looooonnnnggg tunnel.

    So here's the deal....

    I purchased the Lumia 950Xl Single slot SIM with 32gigs of memory on Amazon website.

    After reading several threads of how many people were having issue with putting apps, music, and pics on their micro SD card. I finally came across a thread where people who had purchased the 32 or 64 gig Samsung Evo Micro SD Cards, didn't have a single issue, so I did the same. So I purchased the 32 gig Samsung evo card, while I waited for my phone to come in.

    Because I was still on with my other cellular service provider, because of other family members who were on my plan. I had to wait until I could get all of the family members switched off my plan and on to their own. So I was stuck until that happened, but I knew my phone was going to come in and I was going to have to wait. I had read another thread, who a person was in the same predicament as I was. What he said was that he was able to do the hard reset and the update ( updated to .29) without having to have the nano sim card or a service plan with a cellular company.So I went ahead and did the same... I did the hard reset, by going into the settings area - clicking about - and clicking on reset phone. (Mind you I took the phone out charged it up and went through the initial setup and then clicked on the reset phone action. Didn't have to hold down the power button and the down volume key.)

    After the hard reset, I shut down my phone installed my 32 gig Samsung Evo card, and then powered back up the phone and started installing my apps that I wanted and installing my music and pics from my old phone. Without a hitch, everything got installed on the SD card and everything works, not a single error, reboot, or lock up. After that was done and I was finally able to move all my family members over to their own plan. I was finally able to sign up for a AT&T cellular plan. Mind you a couple days had gone by, and not a single problem still. Took my phone in told them what plan I wanted... NOW knowing that there is an issue with AT&T and getting LTE. (because of all the reading I've done) I knew right out the gate that once I got my NEW nano sim card that I wasn't going to get LTE right out the gate. I was being optimistic and hoping that since everything has gone so smooth so far. That maybe, just maybe that once he activated my phone, LTE would show up and I would live AT&T with rainbows and butterflies flying over my head.. No such luck, there was my first set back, fired up the phone and there it was, staring me in the face....4G. So I started explaning to the gentlemen the issue with the 950XL, and that there is a fix for it, but he would have to take an IEMI number off a different phone. The guy was super cool, and he did... He went to a Lumia 950 that was on display, and took the IEMI number from that. He got it setup on my Lumia 950XL, he asked me to turn off my phone while he did his magic on his magic tablet. Asked me to fire my phone back up, and low and behold LTE was displaying in my notification area!

    So currently I have not had any issue with the phone, but I will tell you the things I haven't tried yet... I haven't tried the VVM yet, so I don't know if that works or not, I'll try it later and update with more. I haven't had really bad battery loss. I do a lot of texting, browsing the web, and some game playing. If I find anymore glitches, or if I run into any problems I will update this thread. I hope this helps those who are wanting to convert over to windows phone. I apologize for the long winded thread, but I wanted to make sure I got in everything I did and in what order.

    Chat with you all soon, and I want to thank everyone who had work around and fixes for minor problems, it really helped me with my migration over to WP10 and my Lumia 950XL.

    12-23-2015 07:01 PM

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