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    Like the title says, I got a 1520 on ebay for $80 with a bad microphone. Killer deal. Anyway it was working fine, so I unlocked it and upgraded it to Windows 10. When the new microphone came I opened it up and swapped it out. Now it won't power on at all. I think I killed the motherboard but I'm not sure how. The only thing I can think of is either ESD or I created a short when I first took the metal bracket off covering the connector.

    I'm hoping that's not the case but I tried putting it on the charger but I can't even get the backlight to come on. I thought at first that I cracked the LCD so I hooked it up to the computer but it keeps making the USB connected/disconnected chime and device manager says the USB device has malfunctioned. So I guess it's dead. Anyone else have any other ideas or suggestions to try?

    Thinking I'll have to spend another $80 or so and get one with a cracked screen and swap out the motherboard.
    12-29-2015 03:50 PM
  2. ScrubbyXD's Avatar
    Put the old one back in and see if the phone returns to the way it was. Many of those USB boards ( assuming this is what you changed out) I have received from various sellers were bad in some way.
    12-29-2015 04:11 PM
  3. shawnmos's Avatar
    No luck. Could a bad usb board have fried my phone? :(
    12-29-2015 04:55 PM
  4. shawnmos's Avatar
    Anyone know if the phone will still boot up if the USB/microphone board is not connected?
    12-29-2015 05:06 PM
  5. Dusan Randj's Avatar
    I don't know how is with new phones, but when I worked in phone service station years ago, it was normal to boot phone with multiple parts disconnected, displays, microphones, etc. Power button close circuit and that's it.
    Worth trying to look the board and see if it maybe bended (bent?) during opening? Take a look at housing or so. And yes, bad port can make short circuit and fry phones.
    12-29-2015 05:30 PM
  6. ScrubbyXD's Avatar
    Xo you have the SIM tray in or out? Try booting without a SIM card. Sounds silly I know but a SIM card (installed in the wrong orientation or with a short) can prevent booting.
    12-30-2015 03:05 AM
  7. shawnmos's Avatar
    No SIM.
    12-30-2015 06:46 PM
  8. ScrubbyXD's Avatar
    Do you have a stand alone charger? What does it do (if anything) when plugged in?
    12-30-2015 08:22 PM
  9. gordonfink's Avatar
    Have you let it sit on the charger for a long period of time? I have the battery go completely dead when repairing a 1520, but when I left it overnight, it cured itself. Other than that, check to make sure the battery is plugged in all the way - maybe the screen too. Hard to imagine cooking the mainboard swapping out the mic / usb board.
    12-30-2015 08:56 PM
  10. shawnmos's Avatar
    Ok, I just thought I would provide an update (1/2).

    I received an unlocked 1520 with a cracked screen from ebay for $72. Phone was in terrible shape but all I really cared about was the motherboard. I swapped the motherboard into the 1520 with the good screen and it booted right up. I had it hooked up to the replacement microphone board which was risky since I wasn't sure if it had actually caused the failure of the previous motherboard. It does not appear that the board caused the damage BUT it was defective.

    I put in my SIM card to test the microphone before I put the back on and the phone was stuck in airplane mode! When I turned it back on the signal icon would go nuts. I thought "CRAP this motherboard is garbage too". I searched online for solutions and it seemed like the consensus was a bad motherboard. I thought I would try to do a restore via the Windows Device Recovery software before throwing in the towel. Well it refused to recognize the device and windows was telling me this device has malfunctioned.

    That was when I decided to try the microphone board from the cracked 1520. I originally didn't use it because the back button LED was not illuminating so I figured it was defective too. But, when I hooked it up Windows discovered the device right away. So right before I was going to flash it I checked something on the phone and noticed that the SIM card was recognized this time and connected to T-Mobile 4G LTE!

    I don't know how, but the usb/microphone board was responsible for the SIM card not working. The cellular antenna connects to it so maybe a bad board can cause a short of the antenna that causes those symptoms. So if anyone has a 1520 that is stuck in airplane mode it's the usb/microphone board that's bad!

    The board that came with the cracked 1520 had a working microphone and I found that if I applied pressure to the connection the back LED came on, so I stuck a thick piece of paper between the connection and the clamp and all of the LEDs are working now. Phone is now working great.
    01-05-2016 01:52 PM
  11. shawnmos's Avatar
    As for the other motherboard that wouldn't boot... (2/2)

    When I was removing it I discovered that I did in fact cause damage to the board when I was opening the case. What happened was I snapped off one of the metal connectors at the top left of the board that makes contact with the back case. I'm not sure what it actually is, I couldn't find any information about it. I'm not even sure if it's important.


    Either way, that breaking off wouldn't cause the board not to boot. What did cause the issue, I think, was the broken piece worked it's way between the screen and the board causing a short.

    I transferred the original USB board to the cracked 1520 along with bad motherboard and I had hoped removing that piece would allow the board to boot but no dice. However, what I did discover was this time the recovery tool discovered the phone. It performed an emergency flash and low and behold the LCD came on with the RED Nokia flash screen and showed the flashing progress. It said that the flashing was successful and I removed the phone but it still would not boot. Only way I can get the screen to come on is to initiate the flash process.

    I guess the board is garbage but if anyone has any ideas let me know. Would like to sell the cracked phone at least for parts. Would be nice if the board was working.
    01-05-2016 02:08 PM
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    i want the broken mother board to fix my mobile lumia 1520..

    please reply


    murali patharala
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    11-04-2016 09:42 AM
  13. gordonfink's Avatar
    i want the broken mother board to fix my mobile lumia 1520..

    please reply


    murali patharala
    This thread's almost a year old. It's also inadvisable to post your cell number in a forum.
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