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    Bought my Lumia 1020 on 15 September'14.
    It had a lot of issues in the first week itself, like hanging, auto-restart, lock screen freeze, over heating, unresponsive buttons. I tried to soft reset as it was written on the manual. Still nothing worked & if it used to get hanged,I could only use it after the charge would go 0% & it would switch off.

    So,I went to the retailer and they didn't helped me at all. So,I went to a nearby Nokia Care centre & they took my mobile for servicing after we fought for sometime. (Because they didn't want to fix it and said that everything's alright)

    After 2-4 days I got my handset back. But, on the next day again I was facing those old problems + a new issue of battery depleting very fastly, even when I wasn't using it & nothing was running in background also, because I have a habit of closing all my apps. Now,I always used to keep my mobile fully updated to the latest update. I contacted the same service centre & Nokia customer support through mails & phone calls about that they changed my battery. But, none of them helped me with this issue & just said formally that please submit your handset to a nokia care centre for fixing it & I couldn't risk to give it to them again ( because now they might do something else to my mobile)
    Days, weeks, and months passed by but I received no help and just sympathies.
    And on around Aug-Sep. '15 , my phone just went dead even when it was fully charged. I couldn't even use my mobile for a full year, for which I had paid ₹47,000 INR. It became dead as in, it won't charge anymore, open, soft reset or hard reset. It was also not getting detected on various machines(PCs & Laptops).

    I've been contacting them ever since and haven't received any kind of assistance. It's almost 2016 now.
    I'm desperately in need of some help here as to, what I should do now?
    Proceed legally or what?
    I'm very much sad because of this situation. Because ₹47,000 is too much for an Indian student & it was my whole life's savings that I spent.. :(( :/
    12-30-2015 03:46 PM
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    Proceeding legally may incur more charges and fees - possibly even more than what you spent for your phone.

    It's a question of when you went back to your retailer for the first time. If you returned within the first week, then they should have replaced your unit without any question.

    If your phone "died" within the 12-month period after purchasing your device, and if you brought it to the service center within the same 12-month period, then they should have repaired your unit without any costs.

    If you didn't do these two things, then the situation suggests that nothing can be done about your phone now. The above two cases are standard store policies which every consumer "agrees to" by purchasing a product from a store. So by not bringing your device back within the said periods, it's like consenting that you don't need to avail of those free services - even if you really did.

    You could try sending an email to Microsoft Support, or just contact them in their website. You could also try reaching out to their twitter handle @LumiaHelp.

    When my Lumia 1020 "died", I brought it back to the store within the 12-month period and they repaired it for free. @LumiaHelp was very helpful in assisting me through the process.
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    12-31-2015 02:04 AM
  3. Chintan Gohel's Avatar
    I've answered already in the other thread you posted

    Check with another service center in another city
    12-31-2015 03:34 AM
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    Please look at this thread. It has the same situation and replacing the phone or the motherboard was the only solution here.

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    12-31-2015 03:52 AM

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