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    Hi, I am still annoyed of my broken glance screen (or lets say, the capacitive sensor, which doesn't recognize any near person and light which results into broken glance screen, not working automatic lighting (it's always to full power!) and WhatsApp audio messages only outputs on tephon speaker, like you are holding your phone to ear). I hate it!
    Sadly nobody cared anymore on this thread: forums.windowscentral.com/nokia-lumia-1520/265366-lumia-1520-proximity-sensor-problem-glance-screen-problem.html

    So I try to find out myself until I finally broke the phone.
    So the thing is, my I disassembly my phone from back cover, the glance screen (and lighting control etc.) works! So there is something in the back cover??? To much pressure? I don't know, so I wonder what these connectors are (1, 2 and 3):


    These are going to... nowhere? The others are clear: Flashlight, headphone, qi charging, but I can't find any informations about the other connectors.
    Maybe it's related to my problem, maybe not... Thanks for any help.
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