1. Perocat's Avatar
    I always use WhatsApp web. Before getting my Lumia 950 I used Android: when I received notifications on WhatsApp web the screen of the phone remained off so the battery wasn't suffering much.

    On WP I first turned off the notifications on lock screen: then I realized it wasn't even making sounds nor vibrate! Then I turned the banner in WhatsApp notifications settings off: now the notifications are there without turning on the screen, but I have no banner even when the phone is unlocked.
    Is there another way to prevent for every app the screen from turning on when locked and a notification arrives, and show normal banners when unlocked?

    Thank you!
    01-06-2016 06:16 AM
  2. P1ng0fDeath's Avatar
    if you completely turn off notifications there's no way you'll get any notification sound.

    AFAIK, there's no way to set those banners (it's called bar notifications on my phone) to be inactive when the screen is off and keep them active when the screen is on.

    what i suggest you: enable notifications but turn off bar notifications (the ones that wake your screen up). You'll still be able to see notifications contents in the action center. I did it to Facebook Messenger: the screen doesn't turn on when a message arrives, but i still see it on the action center.

    you can still enable ou disable sounds either way.
    01-06-2016 10:17 PM

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