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    Hey gang.... My question is two-part, in regards to the FACEBOOK app on the windows phone.
    I created a second page to highlight my artwork. It was created with a previous (android) phone, and this is probably the answer to this question, but Ill give it a shot anyway.
    The LUMIA phone won't let me access my own page as an administrator in order to edit content or add/delete members. I can see the page in my "pages" menu, but when i hit that link, it takes me to the page as a visitor, with no capabilties other than to just click thru. I cant even post pics! If i open FB in a browser on the phone such as Chrome, I don't have this issue.
    Is there a setting i'm missing, or is it simply the fact the windows FB app isn't the same as the android version i used to create the page? Also, some notifications for postings by friends wont show up once clicked on. App has been deleted and re-installed to check bugs, no luck.
    Ayn thougths on this would be greatly appreciated!
    01-06-2016 12:32 PM

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