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    Since having my 950 a few weeks back I've had numerous bugs and issues including;

    Facebook / Outlook live tiles not clearing notifications, random reboots, my phone wouldn't receive the .29 update till I hard reset, the documented "popping" sound bug when the phone is idle, MSN news live tile stops working after a period of time, regularly receive "outlook account settings out of date" error, windows hello breaks if i unlock the phone with the camera button and review photos and windows hello sometimes permanently sticks on if i receive a missed call when the phone is locked.

    However I've now had another one which is approaching breaking point for me having been with WP since WP7 launch and WM before it.

    If I'm on a cellular data connection, after around 10 minutes all push services stop working or will work but with around a 20min delay. This means I receive notifications for WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, E-Mails etc around 20 minutes after they are sent. This seems to have only started happening recently in the past few days.

    If I am on WiFi then push/notifications work flawlessly. If on cellular and i toggle Airplane mode on-off then push will work for another 10mins or so and then stop again.

    My Girlfriend's Lumia 930 on the same network (EE in the UK) is working fine. I've tried my sim in her phone and hers continues to work fine and also her sim in my phone. Again even with her sim in my phone push doesn't work so the issue is with my handset. This happens at work and at home. Both locations have strong 4G and/or 3G.

    Does anyone have any ideas what could be causing this? I'm loathe to hard reset yet again.... Phone is running .29 with stock firmware (no update yet from EE).
    01-06-2016 12:44 PM

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