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    SOLVED: Deleting the entry in the phones bluetooth list of devices and letting it find the headphones anew solved the connection issue. (Somehow all my technical troubles seem to resolve themselves immediately after I post about them. Must be some kind of law)

    Original Post:
    I got Sony MDR-ZX330BT Bluetooth Headphones. When I try to connect them to my Lumia 920, they connect, but after a fraction of a second, disconnect again. I can't figure this out because:

    - The Lumia 920 connects flawlessly with another Philips Bluetooth Speaker in my home
    - The Sony Bluetooth Headphones work flawlessly with my iPad 3.

    Also, to add to the mystery, it has to be said that the Sony Bluetooth Headphones ONCE connected with the Lumia 920 - but worked only within a range of about 20cm. It turned out that my phone was MISSING its Wifi and Bluetooth antenna - Wtf.

    So I bought the missing part on eBay, installed it myself and while my wifi reception is markedly better, and I can connect to the Philips bluetooth speaker no problem, I just can't keep up a connection to the Headphones. What is going on?
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