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    I'm really really tempted by the 950XL. I have only really used Android to date (not counting stuff like the 3310). I don't use it for much so the app gap hopefully won't be an issue. As a windows developer I love the new Universal Platform and have been wanting to jump ship onto it for a while.

    Would you guys be able to provide me with a bit of real-life feedback I'm have trouble tracking down with regards to the OS/Apps? (google keeps thinking I mean windows 10 PC)

    These are all I can think of that is making me hesitate:

    1) Video Playback
    a) Can Windows 10 Mobile play .mkv files with h264 video encoding and AAC audio encoding? This constitutes pretty much my entire library and I'd rather not re-encode (I could convert them to mp3 or something else if absolutely necessary but it would be a gruelingly long process).
    b) Can the file browser connect to smb:// file shares and load the videos direct from there? (how other laptops / tvs etc work in my house)
    c) Is there support for SSA / A S S subtitles? I watch a lot of fancily subtitled stuff.
    d) If not then are there third-party app players that can provide any of the above features?

    2) PDF Reader
    a) How is the built in PDF reader (or Adobe Reader if available) for zooming, scrolling, moving to next page etc? (I read a lot of books and comics etc in PDF format) So are there button controls for next page etc or can I do it by swiping from the edge?
    b) Can it fullscreen or are there fixed controls?
    c) Does it read existing chapter marks etc? (I assume so)
    d) Can I add my own bookmarks to pages in documents?

    3) Windows App Store Regions?
    On Android if I want a Japanese app or game for example I can type in Japanese characters into the Google Play store and I can see all the apps. Is there anything in the Windows App Store that would stop me getting apps and games in different languages like this if I'm in the UK?

    4) Japanese Keyboard
    This one is very important. How does the Japanese keyboard work on Windows 10 Mobile? On android I use the typical 3x4 grid with each key being the "A", swiping up gives me "U", Left is "I" etc. Does Windows 10 use this type of keyboard or is it a full keyboard? or is it just IME? or are there multiple options?

    Thanks in advance for anything you can weigh in on to help me out here!
    01-07-2016 12:49 PM

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