1. BS83's Avatar
    Hi there,

    my Lumia won't recognize my headphones. They worked just fine for about two weeks and stopped working without any understandable reason. Futhermore they work with any other device (other phones, pc, etc.). And my phone works fine with other headphones.

    I already did a soft reset, a hard reset, used the recovery tool, checked the jack... The headphones came with a small extension cord which does work with other headphones but not the ones I was talking about, so the connector seems to be fine. Its so annoying...
    01-20-2016 05:33 PM
  2. xt_20's Avatar
    I've got the same problem here - Phillips headphones, Lumia 950. It doesn't work with another 950XL either, but works on every other device. My Lumia works on every other headphone I've tried too.
    01-28-2016 12:43 AM
  3. xt_20's Avatar
    Turns out I needed to press the toggle button on the volume control on the headphones...
    01-31-2016 06:31 PM

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