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    Dear Team,
    Am having issue with my lumia 920 with up to date W8.1 OS
    the lock screen option doesn't work, buttons are fine as long press gives me shutdown option.
    i tried with lock screen app (which was working before) its not working now.
    After soft reseting using Power+Volume down button and playing with time date fixes issue for a while but resurfaces after few hours. Double tap wakeup also not working. Front camera flickers sometime also.
    so clearly its a software issue, I've seen it reported and hoping that you guys would have some workaround.
    Note: i cant reset my phone and connection to USB also not showing in PC, please tell me if the W10 preview will help, but scared to do it because my beloved L720 is dead because of W10 preview.
    01-31-2016 12:49 AM

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