1. Pieter Wolff's Avatar
    I have encountered a connection problem on my up to date Lumia 830 where I need some advice as I tried everything but to no avail.
    There is free WIFi in my favorite coffeeshop which shows as an available WiFi network. After entering the requested password is just says that the network didn't respond and to try later.
    The network in question does not show up under known networks so I have no idea how to completely cancel the network and add it to the known network list.
    I would appreciate any answer to this peculiar problem.
    I should also mention that my iPad connects to the network without any hassle and my 830 also connects to my home WiFi without a problem.
    01-31-2016 04:01 AM
  2. KefKef's Avatar
    When you connect to this WiFi network with your iPad check the needed security. If it is WEP secured, then you have a problem, because L830 on WP8.1 has big (for me unsolved) problems connecting to WEP secured WiFi networks. With my L830 I could never connect to any WEP secured networks.
    01-31-2016 07:25 AM

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