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    After 5 years with Windows Phone, starting from 7 to 10, I finally decided to try out the new iPhone 6s. I do have Apple products (iPads and iPods) for family and I never used an iPhone before. Compared to all WP i had earlier, honestly iPhone 6s feels like a quality and premium product. Surprisingly since I picked iPhone (one week old still), Microsoft is releasing or updating their iPhone apps.

    Here are my observations: (on iPhone 6s)

    1. I thought I am going to miss the dedicated Camera Button, but transistion to the iPhone Camera App is pretty smooth.
    2. Here Maps (offline) - Available in iPhone App Store and it looks and feels better (compared to WP)
    3. Groove App - Yes
    4. Office Apps - Yes
    5. Bing App - Outstanding on iPhone (like the Gas Price feature)
    6. Cortana - Works great
    7. Live Tiles (this is one feature I am going to miss)
    8. Apps (Banking and Trading apps avilable)
    9. Some of the Apps like Reader's Digest is available and wonderful to read
    10. Outlook App is awesome
    11. Inbox from Gmail is excellent
    12. One Drive and Swiftkey are cool
    13. Sling TV - Works perfectly
    14. XBOX Smart Glass - Yes
    15. Microsoft Health - works great with my Band
    16. Pulse bulb control - great

    My overall impression (used it for one week as of today) is very good. 3D Touch seem to be a good feature built into the OS. I may keep using this iPhone 6s untill WM10 is stable in all aspects.
    02-06-2016 08:37 PM
  2. Guytronic's Avatar
    Sad to see you moving on.

    Please feel free to continue here:

    02-06-2016 08:46 PM

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