1. topdogg317's Avatar
    Is anyone else having a greyish/brownish color along the edges of the 950? I've had this phone a little over a month and recently noticed how the white matte no longer looked white in certain areas. I don't use a case so I'm assuming it's because of the matte finish and the normal oil from my hands. I'm coming from a white 1020 and I don't recall this happening to it but couldn't remember if the 1020 had a different finish than the 950.
    02-10-2016 09:37 AM
  2. flair77's Avatar
    Not to worry, grey/brown is the just the start till it eventually turns yellow. That's what happened to my white L920 after 3 years of usage. Thanking my stars I've taken the black L950.
    02-11-2016 03:55 AM
  3. topdogg317's Avatar
    Haha....thinking I may eventually go for a Mozo back cover or buy a few of the cheaper ones from AliExpress, still very disappointing to say the least!
    02-11-2016 08:37 AM
  4. opusthecat's Avatar
    I had a white 1520 for two years I think and it never turned any color, perfect white. However my white 950 started turning red and bits of gray from the bandanas I keep in my back pocket with it...MS obviously used a different kind of polycarbonate material for these new phones. I'm hoping, but haven't tried yet, a natural cleaning solvent with remove the coloring happening.
    02-11-2016 10:38 AM
  5. jmshub's Avatar
    My wife's white 950 still looks good, but hers is often in her purse. I wonder if the plastic isn't sealed in the same way when it has a matte finish over the glossy finish of the 920.
    02-11-2016 10:58 AM
  6. topdogg317's Avatar
    Yeah, I've had my white 1020 for 2 1/2 years and it's still perfect white....I agree, the polycarbonate must be different or it doesn't have the "dirt resistant" finish like previous Lumias.
    02-11-2016 11:24 AM
  7. amcluesent's Avatar
    Wash your hands more frequently?
    El-Hussein Hegazy likes this.
    02-11-2016 02:41 PM
  8. Dreamspell's Avatar
    Mine is turning pink around the camera.
    02-11-2016 03:52 PM
  9. crabby2004's Avatar
    Surely a warranty issue and ask for a black replacement? It will be because they are finished differently... so it's either that or get a mozo.

    02-12-2016 06:27 AM
  10. topdogg317's Avatar
    Just ordered a mozo! What screen protector do you all use, if at all?
    02-12-2016 10:00 AM
  11. Ecurb87's Avatar
    I use Bodyguardz tempered glass screen protector for the 950. They hold up pretty well and the replacement process was easy when I had to for my M8. Remember to register the protector in order to use the replacement program.
    02-14-2016 08:00 PM
  12. cristixxxlog's Avatar
    I have a 3x3 cm area in the back upper right corner that constantly gets brown (to the right of the camera, where the speaker is). I do not know why, and why ONLY that area gets brown, because that is not the hottest area of the phone (actually is quite a low temperature area when the phone gets hot).

    This is a weird situation... I thought it has something to do with my pokets that sometimes has tobacco in them (I'm a smoker) but that is not the case because lately i'm puting the phone with the camera in the upper part, not like I used to and the same area gets brown....
    02-16-2016 11:35 AM

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