1. Windows Central Question's Avatar
    can i use my microsoft wireless display adapter with the 950 in continuum mode? In other words, why would i need to purchase the usb adapter being advertised for sale to support the phone?
    02-11-2016 05:15 AM
  2. adrian1338's Avatar
    You can. You can also just use any miracast adapter and can check the devices here: https://www.wi-fi.org/product-finder
    I can for example use it directly with the xbox or sony W8 TV without the doc. The advantage of the doc is the USB ports and charging while using it. Also the Lag with Miracast is annoying when you used the dock you will understand. With the dock you also can attach any hdmi or displayport screen to the phone
    02-11-2016 05:23 AM
  3. happytoon's Avatar

    I have purchased a Sony BDP-6700 Blu-Ray player, listed as Miracast certified on the Wifi.org site and yet my Surface Pro 3 AND my Lumia 950XL fails to connect to it. (the player is listed in the wireless screen list (connect button) but failed to connect when trying to connect to it. (cannot connect to this display) type of error...

    Any ideas?

    09-07-2016 05:26 AM

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