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    If you wanna read my adventure of getting my 950 from AT&T replaced, read on it's very long.
    if not thanks for looking at my post.

    I've seen several people with the same issue as mine, involving the Windows Hello feature.

    Mine was doing what everyone else's was doing, just would not register my irises.

    it would start to register my Iris, then bar would start moving, then it would say it couldn't detect my eye's or it would say move closer.

    So I tried moving it right up between my eye's, almost touching my nose, still nothing.

    I have a condition with my eyes, called Iritis, which causes my lens to stick to inner outside of the eye.

    My eyes get irritated and red with iritis. So I thought maybe that's why it would never finish the setup.

    So after a month or so, I gave up, thinking that my eyes were the problem.

    Then, I tried again about a week or so ago and still the same thing.

    I had to go to the MSFT store to get my wife a replacement Band 2, The band would not stay on, it kept shutting itself off.

    So off to the MSFT store we went.

    I drove an 1 hr 20 min to the Natick Mall.

    We arrived at the MSFT store with my Wife's band, which was replaced no questions asked, While we were doing that.

    I told the repair associate what my 950 is doing.

    He asked if I bought it here? I said no, AT&T.

    He said I would have to talk to AT&T ., I sad okay I would.

    Then, he told me that if in the end, AT&T refuses to do anything, Microsoft will replace my phone.

    I went to my local AT&T store to talk to them, I told the store rep what my phone is doing.

    He said, I would have to get a replacement from MSFT, I told him I already talked to them at MSFT, they sent me to AT&T to see if they could replace the phone.

    The rep at AT&T said no, MSFT is the manufacturer of the device, This makes it their responsibility.

    if I broke the device, then yes, my insurance would cover it.

    So the next day, I went back to the MSFT store, The repair associate I spoke to told me AT&T would have to replace it,I told him i already went there and they referred me back here.

    Then he asked me if I owned it?

    I said no, I'm on the next plan.

    The rep said, "I don't think we can do anything for you because your on the next plan",You don't own the phone yet.

    So he said you'll have to talk to AT&T about it, the problem is to do with AT&T 's next plan.

    Finally he talked to his manager and she agreed to replace it, but they had to figure out how to do it as they have never done this before.

    So they got into my AT&T Acct, But then, it gets better.

    A box showed up on the screen, stating, to "Inform the customer about a deductible on their replacement phone.".
    So that stopped them dead in their tracks, they didn't know what to do when that warning came up.

    I said, that's just if I went through insurance to get a replacement through AT&T's Insurance.

    So they finally decided to have the repair associate take me down the hall to the AT&T store in the mall to see what to do, so off we went.

    The AT&T rep told him to ignore that message, they get it all the time and just go right past it just ignore it.

    the MSFT rep asked the AT&T rep how does it work with the phone if the phone is defective?

    He said you guy's are the manufacturer. if its a hardware software issue it's on MSFT.

    if he breaks the phone or screen or drops it in water, it's on his insurance from assurion insurance.

    But I didn't want a refurbished phone.
    that's was I was afraid they would say at AT&T.

    so all was good, back the MSFT store we went.

    So now they got back into my acct, and they were able to figure it out.

    I told them they need to use the Imei# from both phones to swap them, so I finally got it replaced,

    but I taught them that they can replace the phone even if it's on a next plan.

    I even got to buy an extended 2yr warranty for $99, which gives me replacement for hardware, software, accidental damage ect, which either way I'll get a brand new phone instead of a refurbished!!

    So ending to my story, is the new phone is working 100 times better, and yes the windows Hello finally is setup.

    So my eye's was not the problem, setup was a little harder for me than on most people because of my eye problem, but after that it's working great!!

    You'll know if it's working right, the Iris scanner on the top right hand corner should be a big red dot, if it's small, then it's got a problem.

    Checkout the pic, if your iris scanner light looks like mine you should be fine.wp_20160212_02_34_23_pro.jpg

    My 1st phone the iris scanner didn't lite up like my new one does.

    If your buying it from an AT&T store try it before you pay them for the phone, to make sure the Windows Hello Feature works.

    when I 1st tried, it was still not setting up, so I tried it on my Wife's eye's it was setting right up no prob, so it was defiantly working.

    after a few attempts it setup completely with my eye's.

    So now, 9 times out of 10 it signs me right in.

    Now us Win 10 mobile users have a feature no other phone has.

    I don't care about all the you tube videos saying the fingerprint reader is easier to use.

    We're safer than they are.

    A fingerprint can be duplicated, an iris can't.

    Even the scrolling is better, my old phone was locking up during scrolling and would blank out the come back, new phone is spot on.

    Thank you "MSFT" in the Natick Mall, Natick Ma, you hooked me up.

    OH just to let everyone know!!

    there's an Apple store 4 Doors down from the MSFT store I was at.

    there was more people in the MSFT store, than the Apple store.

    I'm sorry but an Apple store looks like a Jewelry store, and the MSFT Store looks like a place you'd wanna learn, and they even offer you a drink, WOW really that's great.

    with Apple they offer you nothing, and you have to have an appointment to have a problem solved or they'll turn you away!!! WOW so sad, no wonder why they starting to fail!!!!!!!!

    Very satisfied MSFT customer Glenn Weaver
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    02-12-2016 02:59 AM
  2. CraigCole's Avatar
    Yeah, every experience Ive had at the Microsoft Store has been perfect. Theyre totally great! Love em! I wish I got my 950 from them.

    Im sorry that you had such a bad experience dealing with AT&T but thats pretty much par for the course; theyre basically evil, all the telecom companies. I honestly think they go out of their way to make things difficult.

    Ive got a warranty replacement 950 on the way and now that I hear from you itll be a refurbished model Im less than thrilled. I bought a new device, why do I have to deal with someone elses problem? Oh well, at least your new handset it working properly; hopefully mine will as well.
    02-12-2016 08:53 AM
  3. PepperdotNet's Avatar
    I concur. Microsoft Stores are fantastic. I just wish there was one less than three hours drive from my house.
    02-12-2016 09:41 AM
  4. Elfonzerio's Avatar
    A refurb isn't necessarily a bad thing. You won't be able to tell a refurb from a new phone, and they go through additional testing to make sure they work. But it's the fact that it's a refurb..
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    02-12-2016 12:13 PM

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