02-22-2016 05:04 PM
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  1. florindan29's Avatar
    Worked for me,
    02-20-2016 04:11 PM
  2. aXross's Avatar
    We may already have a solution, but for contribution to this thread, I just link here Gabe tweet about it.


    Hope that this fatal issue solved for every Lumia 550 with the latest solution. This issue should be featured in the site so other Insider using Lumia 550 will be aware of this.
    02-20-2016 08:51 PM
  3. mggm100's Avatar
    ""1. Start WDRT, select "device not listed bla bla" and Lumia
    2. Turn off the phone Vol - & + and hold the powerbutton. With that it will be in some kind of bootloop.
    3. Check WDRT and it will see the phone and software.
    4. Reinstall and it is done. Got .107 back"

    Just ran across another similar way to charge them up.

    If your Lumia 550 is really low on battery, switch your phone into flashing mode by turning your phone off first and press power button and then volume up until you see a lightning bolt on your phones screen. This will allow your Lumia 550 to charge. You should let it charge a bit before using the Windows Device Recovery Tool to roll back to Build 10586.

    First Windows 10 Mobile Redstone Build Breaks Down Charging on Lumia 550
    02-21-2016 09:31 AM
  4. Allen Rhodes's Avatar
    A pretty good solution is to also read the disclaimer for the Insider program... It clearly states to not use on daily driver phones. MS continues to do this to themselves by allowing the "dont know any better, have to have the latest" public in on the program. Stop, guys, just stop. Leave the testing to actual programmers, or buy a cheap lumia to play with on Insider. Zero sympathy at this point...
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    02-21-2016 11:53 AM
  5. T Moore's Avatar
    02-22-2016 12:11 AM
  6. robjames7's Avatar
    I tried the charging while on flash screen method several times today, but couldn't get battery beyond 4% before phone would reboot itself and then go flat. I stayed in the fast ring by mistake, gutted now as effectively have a bricked phone
    02-22-2016 05:04 PM
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