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    I bought my 950 back in mid December.... no major problems until about a fortnight ago when I dropped it. At first I thought everything was ok as i couldn't see any damagei tried to 'wake' my 950 I noticed the screen was damaged in the top left corner.

    I got a quote for a replacement screen... 165.00 via a repair outlet that (apparently does warranty repairs)

    I did my homework and found that Microsoft offers out of warranty repairs for 133.33 ... so I tried to book my device in for repair via the Microsoft device support site. However when I get to the final stage to pay... I get the same error message "The payment instrument does not exist"

    I contacted microsoft about this, and have been told "it has been passed to the level 2s, expect a phone call within 48-96 hours. In the mean time, i'm using my old 1020 that can't manage 7 hours before needing recharged

    has anyone else tried (and succeeded) to book their 950 or 950xl in for repair via this system?
    02-22-2016 11:06 AM

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