1. raggedy b's Avatar
    Hi I have a problem when watching recorded video,the video starts to play then pauses for a second and then starts again,tried a quick search but couldn't find anything related to this but thought I remembered a similar issue with Sd card compatibility.Tried setting storage to device and this appeared to sort the problem,the card is an Ultima class 10 40 Mbs 64gb which had good ratings on Amazon.So I can carry on using device storage which isn't a big problem and hope this sorts it or I can look at a different Sd card,anyone had similar problems and can recommend a card ,thanks
    02-25-2016 05:11 PM
  2. raggedy b's Avatar
    Well it's camera /phone related as I've been making lots of videos and storing to the device and 90%of the time after a second the playback freezes for a second or two and then continues ,it does it at different resolutions and on slomo it freezes for about five seconds,looking at a hard reset I guess or maybe returning the phone as no one else appears to be having this problem unless I get any suggestions 🙂
    02-26-2016 10:06 AM
  3. M4cc45's Avatar
    Depends on the speed of the SD card and what you are recording in. If you're recording in 4k, for example, then you'll need a faster SD card. It's possibly not the playback (you'd have to copy the media to a PC to fully test) but the recording that's the issue as it's normally always the write speed which is significantly slower than the read speed.

    Which SD card and what are you recording in? Try recording it in a lower quality and test that and that should help a little.
    02-27-2016 06:13 AM
  4. raggedy b's Avatar
    Have tried both device and Sd card in all formats and it still doing it ,reckon I will try and get another phone as I've had it less than two weeks
    02-27-2016 10:45 AM
  5. M4cc45's Avatar
    Did you try the SD card in a laptop? It's probably just that the advertised speed isn't anywhere near the actual speed and you'll have this problem until you get a quicker MicroSD card. I'd suggest getting the fastest card you can from somewhere you can return it if it doesn't work and then retry. I'd also suggest making sure you're on the latest firmware and OS and also make sure you've updated your apps as there have been a lot of changes.
    02-27-2016 09:39 PM
  6. raggedy b's Avatar
    Cheers for your reply,not on insider but running on latest updates including checking in store ,as its pausing whilst set at saving to device it's not a Sd card fault ,did a hard reset and tried after updating everything without installing any apps and then making a recording and it's still a problem ,I see in the faults and bugs thread one other person is having this problem ,would appear to be not a common problem so will start with a new phone hopefully and try again
    02-28-2016 08:21 AM
  7. M4cc45's Avatar
    If you're having problems saving locally (I'd probably do a Windows Device Recovery Tool wipe before sending it back and then don't restore the backup) then I'd agree with you - probably the phone. Good luck!
    raggedy b likes this.
    02-28-2016 09:56 AM

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