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    I am using my 950xl on at&t and have two specific friends on Sprint Android handsets that I can not get group texts from. When they respond to a group text, all you see is a grey box with the time, SIM1, and their name. It arrives with the banner saying "media content in this message". If you try to forward it, it just closes messaging.

    I have tried deleting all group threads they are on (suggested last time I inquired about this). The weird thing is, after upgrading to .107, I was able to receive group texts from them for about an hour, and then it went right back to only getting the time and their name with no message.

    I have other friends on Sprint that I do NOT have this problem with. Everyone else on the group texts can read messages from these two specific individuals just fine. Anyone have any suggestions what this may be? I called at&t, and they of course told me that they do not support this phone, so just gave me some generic suggestions.
    02-26-2016 07:09 PM

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