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    I friend of my gave me a new from the box 950XL for testing. I was still original packed. I upgraded it to the last
    possible update.
    Email sync, Secure WI-FI access is working OK, photos, VPN, sound from music OK, Company profile etc.
    The phone feels good and I thought it was all OK.

    But after a couple of days in on-line mode (i had to change my SIM to nano) I noticed something was wrong.

    When a made a call, and not every time, the sound goes from good to very poor (hissing,etc).
    And then there is like a very high pitch sound (star trek / star wars) phaser gun sound and goes through my ears (very damming sound).
    After this the sound is gone I can not hear the caller, but the caller can hear me. But after i can switch to loudspeaker and then I can hear him.
    After that every call doesn't have the sound and I have to use the laudspeaker. But when a turn of and on its working again for a couple of calls

    I did factory reset the phone 2 times. It was OK for a couple of days, but its back again.

    What do you all think is it some SW problem or HW problem. Did somebody have similar problems.
    Should I take it to warranty service check-up. Thank you for your answers.

    See you all.
    03-05-2016 04:00 AM

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