1. docles2002's Avatar
    My lumia 920 glance screen and double tap to wake stopped working. I noticed this before I updated to 10586.122 ( from 10586.107) The only thing I did was to put tempered glass on it. I updated to .122 hoping that it will fixed the issue but to no avail. I tried to uninstall and reinstall glance but it did not help. I likewise did hard reset and even that did not produce good result. One thing I noticed with the tempered glass protector is that the bottom and the top portions do not stick well as the 920 has a curve screen. Some dust accumulated already at the edge of both the top and bottom portion. I am just wondering if both the glance screen and double tap to wake are interconnected and so is the problem. Please help to fix this problem
    03-05-2016 08:23 AM
  2. Thewinfan's Avatar
    This error occurred in my device some days ago.it worked after i update the glance screen setting.
    Go to store tap "check for updates" and update "glance screen".
    hope it works for you too.
    03-05-2016 08:50 AM
  3. Sarveshwar's Avatar
    My lumia 920 glance screen and double tap to wake stopped working.
    For me, the double tap does work but the Glance does not. It has been so since build .29. Even hard reset does not fix that. I have tried all possible steps that people can suggest to no avail. Now I have given up thinking that only a FW update from MS can bring it back.

    Ironically, after I updated to .29, the Glance worked. Only after updating when I did the hard reset, Glance turned off and never came back. Even the Glance setting closes as soon as launched.

    Updating from Windows 8.1 Phone directly to the current build will most probably keep your glance intact. Do not hard reset or it may start giving problems again.
    03-06-2016 05:38 AM
  4. omerfbingol's Avatar
    I say, lose the screen protector. Don't shoot at your screen with an AK-47 and you should be fine 😊
    These protectors often interfere with the proximity sensor and touch screen sensitivity.
    Also try system app updater to check if you have the glance screen app (you might have uninstalled it along with Nokia account app by changing the date)
    03-06-2016 06:37 AM

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