1. Grega Bracic's Avatar
    This is a recent problem, where I used Here drive and then casually left the phone to its own devices for a couple of hours. Battery went totally dead, plugged it in and after a few minutes it came back to life, only to display that stupid little circle next to the signal strength icon. Opened the pull down menu and cycled the location icon on/off several times, but the circle didn't disappear. It goes away after a few minutes without obeying me.

    Can't find any similar problems elsewhere. I would reinstall Here drive, but I really don't look forward to that since there are a buttload of maps saved that I frequently use and will take ages to redownload.

    Running latest WP10 build (122?), the problem existed on the previous one as well, 107 I think.
    03-13-2016 06:19 AM

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