1. Dave Scarpa's Avatar
    On My AT&T lumia 950 , the store does not recognize apps as needing to be updatede when a new version is released. I often have to initiate a search and then it will find them only occasionally. I know the camera, Spotify, Office apps, and more have been updated and I have the older versions yet the store tells me there is no update.
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    03-22-2016 12:21 PM
  2. Burnbackin's Avatar
    Same here, all the recent updates to outlook, photo, camera etc have not come through to myL950xl. I've no clue why not. I'm not on a insider built, and maybe they were meant to go to insiders only. No idea TBH
    03-22-2016 12:33 PM
  3. Vitor Ferreira's Avatar
    Me too. I'm on L830 and I'm not a insider. Does hard reset fix it?
    03-22-2016 12:36 PM
  4. BLKahuna's Avatar
    Yup, I just noticed this too. Even if you go into the store and find the app, it doesn't recognize it needs an update. I believe everything was working fine last week.
    03-22-2016 01:25 PM
  5. r2SN's Avatar
    Same case scenario for 730
    03-22-2016 01:27 PM

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