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    I have a Surface Pro 3 laptop, a Toshiba WT8 tablet and a Lumia 550 phone - all running windows 10. The WT8 and the Lumia also have "Windows Locator Service". In all three cases 'Sync Settings' is set to On (Settings -> Accounts -> Sync your settings -> Sync settings), and my Microsoft account is set to the same address in each case. In Windows 'Map's the location Favorites created on the Surface Pro 3 and the WT8 do sync one to the other (very nice option), but unfortunately do not seem to sync to the Lumia. Nor do Favorites created on the Lumia sync to the Surface and WT8. In all three cases clicking the Account sign brings up the message "If you sign out, you won't see your favorites and search history on all your Microsoft devices" - implying that Favorites should indeed sync to the Lumia! What am I missing?
    As a further point of interest I am trying to use Windows 'Map's and Google Earth on the WT8 tablet in locations where WIFI is not available, e.g Buckskin Mountains in Arizona! (I have an old Asus EEE with a NMEA-based GPS unit that has provided valiant service in this regard during past expeditions to Egypt and the Sudan.) In the case of the less cumbersome WT8 , the same set of waypoints (Favorites) can be created in both 'Maps' and Google Earth before leaving for the field, whereas while in the field Google Earth provides satellite imagery (in cache) as well as allowing access to overlay maps and paths. If the waypoints created in both 'Maps' and Google Earth are ordered in numerical-alphabetical format, e.g. 00aaa1, 00aaa2, 00bbb1 ...99zzz99, this will overcome the alphabetical order restriction in 'Maps', and make it relatively easy to toggle (on the toolbar) between Google Earth as a data reference and 'Map's as a WIFI independant locator ('Maps' uses the "Windows locator service via a Broadcom 4752 GNSS receiver"), the link between the two apps being the plotted waypoints they have in common. As an alternative has anybody had any luck with Earth Bridge, Centrafuse or GPSReverse specifically with Google Earth's 'GPS Import NMEA Real Time Tracking' option? I tried the Russian "GNSS Data Interface", it worked but was very slow and eventually messed up my system such that it required a 'restore'.
    03-23-2016 09:44 PM
  2. eusty's Avatar
    What am I missing?
    It does take time to sync sometimes so often leaving it for a bit will allow it to prorate.
    03-24-2016 04:00 AM

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