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    Got a 735 to replace the 928 with horrendous battery.

    Aside from the downgrade in camera, camera button, glance, GPU, I had an issue with Microsoft branded red shells I bought (and replaced once already) from the store. The red shells had that sticker on them about how to peel them off of the phone. When removing the sticker, an ever so slight discoloration is left on the shell with an imprint of the sticker, and the discoloration cannot be washed away.

    Overall, under certain lighting there is a white-ish blotch the size of the sticker, and it just looks ugly. Anyone have the same issue with the original Nokia branded orange and green shells? This is frustrating, as it appears all of the red ones will have this issue.

    Update: got new green (matte) and orange (glossy) Nokia shells in the mail and neither have this issue with the sticker. That said, neither does the Microsoft grey matte shell that came with the phone. Beware of the MS branded glossy shells I suppose? I am def. returning this red one.
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