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    Purchased the Lumia 640 thru Best Buy. I had a phone thru Tracfone that was basic and after 2 months froze on me. To keep my Tracfone service I unlocked the ATT SIM card and inserted the SIM from TF. After a painful chat with Tracfone about transferring the service to the new phone I was told I had to buy a Bring Your Own Phone SIM card. I haven't bought the new SIM card, but my phone is working (receiving/making calls, emails and access to Internet) the way it should with the exception of receiving media content. The APN is locked. My number one question is who is my provider - ATT (who doesn't have any info on me) or TracFone? Second question is how do I unlock the APN?
    03-27-2016 08:55 AM
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    The service provider is basically what the SIM says. (although it can depend because a lot of smaller networks might piggyback off of the larger provider's networks. (e.g. Straight Talk coming in both ATT and T-Mo - functioning on their locked phones)

    So Tracfone. (although I'm surprised they allow smartphones now. (I'm really out of date on Tracfone these days)

    I'm not sure what's up though, you have to change your APN settings, and if you can't add a new one or change the existing one then you may be in trouble.

    (I would see if the phone has access point settings, that may be able to be changed as well.)
    03-27-2016 11:23 AM

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