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    I got my Lumia 640 for $30 USD
    cheap and I love it

    I love the FM radio so I am using my generic headset.

    one day I forgot to bring a headset to my office. but I happen to have an earphone from Samsung S5.
    SO I plug in the ear phone.. initially it seems a bit tight fit...
    I was afraid I am going to broke something inside...
    I took an inspection of the jack.. I notice the gold thingy inside the jack
    then I decided to plug in the samsung headset again, a bit more firm this time..
    it went all the way in.. but then .. the phone does not aware that a headset has been plugged in..
    so I unplug the headset....
    thats when I notice ,.. now the gold thingy inside is flushed ... it was more visible before. but now it looks like it maybe bent inside...

    now any brand of earphone does not work.... my Lumia 640 is SOL :(

    lucky this phone is cheap enough ... I just don't bother with warranty or fixing it...
    I may try to bring them in store just to see if they will easily just give me a new phone.. but if they attempt to send it to repair center... I probably just keep this as a wifi , video , photo, Offline gps device in the car ...

    so you have been warned.. :)
    04-06-2016 06:36 PM

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