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    I have a Lumia 640 xl RM-1062 unlocked from vodafone, Im trying to flash with a stock unbranded Firmware to get rid of the vodafone logos etc.

    Should I choose the variant that is called - 059X0M1 - RM-1062 GLOBAL SWAP is this the unbranded factory setup?
    (Is global swap the factory unlocked and branded F/W as I dont want to put any EE or O2 or other UK firmwares on that are logo ed to companies.)

    Its not upgraded to windows 10 either Im still using 8.1

    Do I just flash with all 15 files?

    Download: RM1062_059X0M1_02166.00000.15103.05001_061.vpl
    Download: RM1062_02166.00000.15103.05001_RETAIL_prod_signed_1004_01E59D_000-33_MV.ffu
    Download: CustomerNvi_02166.00000.15103.05001_1004_93fa7a137c418a0e7c5d414bce6b9e77.nvi
    Download: RetailModeNvi_02166.00000.15103.05001_1004_dcf1d4be79d9b25944c579583822199a.nvi
    Download: DC_WP8_Template_NwWP_v2.bin
    Download: MirrorLink_template_production_v4.bin
    Download: 040-125219_RM1062_Generic_ROW2_01_dark.png
    Download: 040-125219_RM1062_Generic_ROW2_01_light.png
    Download: 12520701.pcx
    Download: RM-1062_Generic_datamatrix_SINGLE_SIM_001.xml
    Download: mvsim_02166.00000.15103.05001_1004_5e6d19f3afbfc2d2a717341eddda0e87.xml
    Download: RM1062_059X0M1_02166.00000.15103.05001_061.dcp
    Download: RM1062_059X0M1_02166.00000.15103.05001_061.signature.bin
    Download: NWP8_simlock_3gstandard_bb5_crcA59A.bin

    Or does the flashing software just "DO IT " for me if its in one directory?

    Absolutely first time flashing a phone, but not the odd computer bios.

    Tutorial | Microsoft Lumia devices and Nokia… | Windows 10 Development and Hacking <---------this is the tutorial Im following

    http://www.lumiafirmware.com/ser/RM-1062/guid/059X0M1 <---------this is the firmware site

    Any help appreciated.
    04-09-2016 02:14 PM
  2. Derausgewanderte's Avatar
    you are already on the right site at XDA to get better info than you could get here. I am not a 100% sure if what you do will work. The flash tool will find all files in your download folder and it needs all of them - that I know.

    My guess is that flashing RM-1062 with a RM-1062 variant should be fine. I suggest you ask DilanChd for advise - he seems very knowledgeable. Go to his Q&A section.
    I myself would like to know what the SWAP stands for as (you can see my post at XDA).

    Also, there is no "unlocked" rom. If you have a SIM-locked phone flashing will not unlock it. You may be able to de-brand your phone, but not unlock.

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    04-11-2016 10:00 PM

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