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    AS I said in question, I accidently turn on lumia 640 with ATT gophone usim in it before unlock code came. I requested unlock code after 5minutes of using lumia 640 with gophone usim in it. Currently, i took usim out of lumia 640.
    Is there will be trouble for unlocking my lumia from AT&T?
    I feel liked I am kind of fxxx up..
    04-12-2016 06:53 PM
  2. xandros9's Avatar
    Well, you're gonna find out whether it caused issues very soon anyway.

    I think you dun messed up though.
    04-12-2016 09:31 PM
  3. wildb01's Avatar
    I did the same thing with my phone. I plugged it in to charge it right after I requested the unlock code and phone powered on. Not sure exactly how long it was on but l shut it off as soon as I saw it was on. I thought that I was not going to receive the code.
    I did but it took almost 48 hours where as my wife's phone which I never powered up only took 24 hours to receive the code.

    I hope you have the same luck with your unlock request.

    xandros9 likes this.
    04-12-2016 10:03 PM

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