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    I have a Lumia 950 dual-SIM which is unlocked (running on Three UK provider) with build 14295.1000 installed through the Insider programme. Can anyone shed some light on these two odd issues?

    1. Looking at Settings/System/Battery Saver/Battery Use I note an entry called Age Out Worker with Details as follows

    System: 100%
    Display: 0%
    WiFi: 0%
    Mobile Data: 0%

    In Use: 0%
    Background: 100%

    I don't recognise this as an App on my phone or in the Store and I don't seem to own such an app. Is it an app or a process? If a process what's it do?

    2. Looking at Data Usage I get the following:

    SIM #1 Three UK (3): 110.21 MB usage
    SIM #2 : 53.4 MB usage
    WiFi : 6.5 GB usage

    To date I've never had a card in the SIM #2 slot so how can I get 53.4 MB of usage from it? Is this a bug or W10M operating in a strange way and using this slot, somehow, to do something? Any ideas?

    Any help much appreciated!
    04-13-2016 05:29 AM

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