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    I have my Lumia phone since the beginning of february (i don't remember exact date)... I bought it new with two years of warranty in Vienna, Austria. At the beginning i had some issues with store, but somehow they were gone after few hours. Then everything worked correctly (Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, Camera, etc..). I singed up for Tehnical peview (windows insider or whatever its called) updates (as i can recall there were no updates at that moment), because i like to test new things and give feedback sometimes (i did it also on my previous Lumias 920 and 820 and every update was working fine). Few days ago an update notification came up, i let the phone update, and since then i have so much problems with Wi-Fi, 3G, some apps, sometimes even with SD Card. If 3G doesn't work i have to restart my phone (sometimes i have to do it few times), when Wi-Fi doesn't work i turn it off then on (sometimes i also need to restart phone), some apps weren't working cause they are on SD Card and then phone wants to fix SD Card, i let it few times to fix it and now it works fine. Today for the first time encountered a problem Wi-Fi which says that password i entered for my house network is incorrect (other devices connect properly). I don't know where exactly to find Windows version. I knew in WP 8.1 now i am not sure which one is it so i will just put information that i think can help:
    OS Build: 10.0.14295.1000
    Settings>Extras>Advanced info:
    Configuration ID: 15224.032F5D
    BSP Release: 1078.0037
    Application Version:
    Build release date: 3.1.2016

    I wanted to post this on windows phone forums, but they are offline for some reason.

    Thanks in advance :)
    04-13-2016 02:12 PM
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    Seems like you're on redstone (fast ring). If this is your daily driver, you should opt out of Windows Insider imo. I have a Lumia 550 as well and I can confirm it's not running all that well, but that's what you can expect when you join the fast ring. The new build (.218) works a lot better.
    04-13-2016 11:21 PM
  3. chancooluk's Avatar
    You should leave the Windows Insider program (you are using a beta Redstone build). Reset your phone using Windows Device Recovery Tool to revert it to stock non-insider W10M. Then update it to the latest production build (10586.218).
    Joedels likes this.
    04-16-2016 08:16 AM

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