1. x I'm tc's Avatar
    AT&T branded Lumia 950 won't send or receive texts. I can confirm this by texting a test message to myself. When I hit send, the date and time never appears below the message, confirming that it isn't working.

    This has happened periodically on my phone before, but a soft reset has always fixed it. Now, even after a soft reset, all my queued texts are sent and received before I even manage to unlock the screen, but if I go straight to messaging and try again...nothing.

    Anyone else experience this? Is there a fix?
    04-26-2016 01:43 PM
  2. realwarder's Avatar
    On my 830 I have sporadic texts. Sometimes late, sometimes never. And this is on the 218 production build.

    I think this is just a phase of unreliability. If you are on the Redstone builds, perhaps try the update that came out today. If on the normal, the only option is the Sync one that might impact SMSs.

    Definitely give feedback using the Feedback tool though.
    04-26-2016 10:01 PM

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