1. Lukob's Avatar
    I updated my Lumia 1520 to build 14291 and now it is not charging and micro usb is not woking at all.
    So I can't use Windows Device Recovery Tool.

    I tried updating to 14332 at fast ring and it didn't fix it.
    Even calling is not working.

    Can you please help me?
    04-28-2016 01:19 AM
  2. Steve Thackery's Avatar
    I don't think this has anything to do with updating the software.

    The USB board at the bottom, which also operates the LEDs, the loudspeaker and the call microphone, is quite prone to failure, and the symptoms you describe point to that. Your problem will be finding a good replacement. I've bought several, and many "new" ones arrive with faults - I think the market in 1520 spares is contaminated with a lot of QA rejects (or something).
    04-30-2016 05:04 AM
  3. Captain_Eric's Avatar
    Maybe try connecting the phone to your PC while running WDRT, and do a soft reset (hold down volume and power off until it vibrates). Sometimes that saved me.

    FWIIW: I had big problems when I upgraded to Redstone, 14xxx, from 8.1, battery drain, frequent crashes. Eventually, it almost bricked my 1520.3. I know that was the risk I took when I signed up for Insider, but be forewarned.

    I'd strongly suggest staying on W10 production, i.e. 10586.xxx.

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    05-10-2016 12:08 PM

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