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    Even though my 950 xl had become very stable with OS 218, I would still get the occasional crash where the phone would just shut down. It wouldn't restart until I opened the back, pulled the battery, and then put the battery back in. This would happen about once every two days or so. I also noticed that when this happened, and instead of pulling the battery, When I plugged the unit in with the charger and as it began to boot up, right after the initial Microsoft logo, the screen would show the image of a battery with an X in the middle of it, either indicating that there was no battery, or not enough charge to turn on. I would then have to once again resort to pulling the battery, putting it back in, and then the phone would start normally.

    Two weeks ago, I purchased a new battery from fonejoy, (as they were the only overseas company that would ship to the U.S.), and ever since I installed the new battery, I haven't had a single crash!

    The battery is a genuine Microsoft BV-T4D. The only difference between the original battery, and the new one is apparently the date stamp. The original has a date of 9-15-15, and the new one is 9-18-15.

    I paid $63.00 (which includes next day delivery shipping), with the exchange rate. At least that is what my credit card receipt indicates that I paid.

    I am so glad that I bought the new battery, as my 950xl is incredibly solid now!

    I just updated to OS 242 this morning, so I will report back on how the new battery performs with this update.
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    Wasn't your phone covered under warranty?
    04-29-2016 07:13 AM
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    Yes, the battery is covered for 6 months, so will indeed be going to the Microsoft store this weekend to try and exchange the battery.

    Unfortunately, I have not yet seen batteries available in stores in the U.S., this is why I had to resort to ordering it from the U.K.

    If they say that I have to replace the device with a new one, that I won't do. I don't want to spend the hours it takes to set up a new phone, when the one I got works perfectly with the new battery.

    If I can get a new battery, then the original reason why I bought the new one which was to have a spare battery will come to fruition!
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    Interesting! I've read that the battery is a suspect for the 950XL reboots, maybe it's correct.

    Luckily mine doesn't seem to have this issue, although it decides to reboot every so often.
    04-29-2016 12:12 PM
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    ok....went to the microsoft store this morning to see about replacing my original battery.

    unfortunately as i feared, Microsoft retail stores do not stock spare batteries. The manager of the store said that all he could do was replace the phone with a new one. Something i didn't want to do.

    He checked with the warranty center with regards to how one can replace a battery. Unfortunately to do a replacement through this route entails sending the whole phone in, not just the battery. Once again, not an option i was willing to do.

    He did check to see if anyone had recently returned a 950xl, and if so, he would swap out the battery, but alas...no luck.

    He took my contact info and told me that if anyone did come in to return a phone, he would give me a shout to come in and swap the battery.

    before i left the store, I noticed that they had Mozo backs in stock, something i had not seen before. As I finally got to see the brown leather with white stitching in person, I decided to buy one.

    After the purchase, the manager came up to me and said hold on, i'll be right back. He went into the back and brought out a battery!

    He said said, he couldn't let me walk out of the store empty handed being that I was obviously a microsoft fan, what with my 950 xl, and my surface pro 3 that he noted I had after looking up my customer information. he took a battery out of a brand new phone, and exchanged it for my original battery!

    The new battery has a date stamp of 12/21/2015.

    So today was huge success, got a replacement battery, (so now I have a true spare which was my original reason for getting the 2nd battery), as well as picking up the brown leather Mozo back!

    of further note, the new battery has now been running for 29 hours on OS 242. All I have used the phone for during this time was streaming groove music and some very short phone calls. My battery app says I have 14 hours remaining, so I am very pleased with battery drainage under OS 242!
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    Go manager! :D
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    04-30-2016 11:13 AM

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