1. hokap's Avatar
    So...been wearing out the forums reading posts, reviews, other sites reviews, feedback, etc...

    Really been wanting a 950 or XL. XL is sort of out as I'm not interested in popping $600+ for the unlocked. I'm ok doing the 950 on ATT's Next plan. The upside is I would do the 12 month Next so IF the rumored Surface Phone drops, I'm not too far out from it. (and even a few months for it to get tweeked for regular use!) lol!

    Anyway, I went through my app list (bounce between a Note 5 and 6+) and there's really nothing that I'm really using that's not available in the Windows app store. My major issue is the ability for my Gear S2 to connect with the 950. It looks like the recent announcement that the GATT update coming will take care of that (and a bunch of other wearables). The big question is how long will that be?!?

    Thinking I may pull the trigger and work with it for a few weeks. If I get it from the MS Store, I have 30 days to return (upgrade, not new line so I believe the same w/ATT). That should give me plenty of time to figure out if I can live with it/work with it as my daily driver. Love the OS and I expect as universal apps start popping, life will be fine on the OS. Either way, the functionality fits my needs.

    So, talk me in to it! lol! Thanks!
    04-29-2016 07:22 AM
  2. Travis Flenker's Avatar
    There's currently a deal from MS to buy a 950XL and get a 950 for free, there's a forum post on here for people going in on that deal together.

    US Lumia BOGO (950XL/950) Find a Partner Thread

    I'm on the fast ring and can say with confidence that the Redstone update will be amazing once the bugs are worked out.

    As far as compatibility with Android wearables, no idea. Continuum is awesome, UWP seems to finally be having an impact, hardware is great. Only drawback is it will take patience while everything continues to come together.
    04-29-2016 08:13 AM
  3. ACF1's Avatar
    The phone itself is great, and the black version looks pretty good. I was thinking of getting the Mozo leather cover, but now i don't think it is necessary. I already got many compliments from iphone users that like the look of the phone, despite its "cheap" plastic cover. That was the biggest knock on the phone.

    The OS itself, is not as polished as W8.1, but much more potential. Like it was mentioned, apps are now coming in at a faster pace, so i think it may be a matter or time for all mainstream apps to have a UWP app. I am on OS release version .218 and I liked .164 better. Battery life was better and and my texts would sync from backup, but I couldn't restore them since updating to .218. Cortana occasionally crashes , and a few times the lockscreen became unresponsive. So I haven't been enjoying update .218 as much. Back when I had .164, I felt it was better overall.

    With that said, I wouldn't change my phone. I know my issues will be addressed in the next updates. You can see with these updates, they introduce things you see on Windows Feedback, so they are listening to us, which is key for the platform evolution, so I don't feel I'm in the wrong side of history to have stuck with Windows since WP7.

    I will try to go with L920 Dual Sim, instead of ATT as you would get faster firmware updates. See if you can snatch the BOGO deal and sell the one you don't like. It will make your phone almost free. Wish I would have waited, but I was stuck with my 920 for more than 3 years. L950 is the only windows phone I can consider an upgrade from the awesome L920.
    04-29-2016 12:10 PM
  4. snowboarders's Avatar
    heh my MS 950 from AT&T is comeing today I cant wait this is the best phone out there on the market for window phones that is
    04-29-2016 12:30 PM

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