1. D1JL's Avatar
    Unfortunately I use ATT and live in a poor service area so I must use a Micro Cell.
    Don't misunderstand, I do like ATT.

    The problem is that when the (950XL) phone connects to the Micro Cell, it thinks the SIM is in use and makes the second SIM unavailable to the Micro Cell.
    This creates a sometimes no service condition for the second SIM number.
    This kind of defeats the purpose or use of the second SIM in my home.
    BTW, BOTH SIMs work perfectly at the same time when away from the Micro Cell.

    Has anyone else experienced this?
    Other than moving or changing carriers, is there a fix for this?
    ATT won't do anything because they do not sell or recognize Dual-SIM phones.
    I am curious if Microsoft is even aware of this?

    05-15-2016 10:47 AM
  2. Allen Rhodes's Avatar
    the non data sim will not be helped by the microcell as it likely broadcasts a 3g or higher signal. The non data sim will only see 2g/edge signals. This issue will be magnified as AT&T is turning off the 2g network by the end of the year anyway. Our dual sims on AT&T will become single sim phones. Enjoy the day!
    05-15-2016 12:42 PM
  3. RichHowerton's Avatar
    same issue, sim 1 works, but sim 2 does not unless I turn sim 1 off in my settings, only then does sim 2 work. pita!
    06-14-2016 11:26 PM
  4. PGrey's Avatar
    My solution:
    Get a (free) Google Voice number, set up forwarding (from your second SIM numbrer, when you're not in cell range), and run the browser, in the background.
    It works better than I expected. Regular calls get sent directly to the "phone app". You can dial directly from it to, but I suspect if you want to dial "from" the second number, you'll have to dial from the GoogleVoice page, but this isn't a big imposition.
    Incoming texts work "ok". I gert notification about 75% of the time, not sure why it isn't 100%, but it's not so terrible either, it's certainly better than the other option (the places where I need WiFI Calling I wouldn't be able to use a MicroCell anyway).
    The forwarding on/off is sort of a hassle, but hey, it works, and realistically, it works a LOT better than I was expecting, the phone app integration was surprising.
    My battery seems to take about a 5% hit in this scenario, running in the background, although I don't think I've had any extended conversations, which may increase this value, a little.

    I've got AT&T too, and this is what I'm doing for WiFi calling for now, in low/no-coverage areas, until if/when they decide to support a decent number of devices for Wifi C.
    06-15-2016 12:00 AM
  5. JimLewis's Avatar
    Ever since I got my Lumia 950 XL running Win10 Mobile, I haven't been able to connect to my AT&T 3G Microcell (Lumia 1520 worked GREAT!). The 950 XL is an added-on phone on a prepaid AT&T GoPhone account where the microcell account is supported by a postpaid AT&T line, as required. I only have one activated SIM card that until today was in Slot 1. Troubleshooting something else, I switched the card to Slot 2. Suddenly the microcell connection worked but only for a while. On a whim, while sitting right next to the microcell, I turned on cellular data, went to the Cellular & SIM settings page (I am a Fast Ring Insider running Win10 Mobile 15063-the latest, so YMMV). On the Cellular & SIM, I turned ON SIM 1 (which had been off, having an inactive SIM card). Then on the dropdown "Use this SIM for cellular data," I picked SIM 1. Obviously, no can do. After a few seconds, went back and reverted to SIM 2. For quite a few seconds, both SIM cell indicators at the top of the screen indicated no signal. Then, BINGO. 5 Bars of AT&T MicroCell 4G when one swipes down to get the Action Center displayed (dunno how I can be "4G" when it's a 3G Microcell). The microcell connection survived several reboots, several in-and-out of Airplane Mode switches. However, while sitting ~30 feet away from the microcell for 15 or 20 min while in Airplane Mode, then coming out, the ability to connect to the microcell was lost and could not be restored just by approaching the microcell and going in and out of Airplane Mode. However, sitting by the microcell and switching the cellular data connection again between SIM slots restored microcell connectivity. One small annoyance. Try to call one of your contacts. You will quickly get the call disconnected with a NO NETWORK message. What's going on for me is all my old contacts were set up for SIM 1. Switching the contact to SIM 2 let's the call go through. Perhaps just switching cellular data back and forth between SIM slots is sufficient to activate the microcell connection and I have no idea whether my accompanying movement of the activated SIM card between actual slots is needed. I originally did it because I am having trouble with Mobile Hotspot connections and some posts in Windows Feedback Hub claim the Mobile Hotspot function works better using Slot 2 (not for me, alas!).
    03-22-2017 04:32 AM

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