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    Last time I flashed a new ROM on my SGH-T899M, I accidentily choose a different CSC (Telus instead of Bell). Upgraded to W10. Now it seems like I don't have 3G anymore: it's either 2G of 4G (which used to show as H+ on Bell CSC). I'm guessing 3G is not only not shown but really doesn't work because I loose connection a lot more than I used to. I guess this is due to the different CSC. I've tried to change CSC through the diagnosis app but I'm just getting a screen with '[CSC Convertor]', 'CSC version:' and 'Current CSC:'. But: no options to choose from.
    I'm not keen on installing the 8.0 ROM with a different CSC because it takes hours to get to Windows 10 again.

    If somebody thinks there's a different solution to this problem, I'd like to know! I'm not sure if I can just flash a different CSC with the WP8 Binary Downloader, maybe with the fake rom?
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