1. thisara98's Avatar
    i'm currently using lumia 640 xl it has gorilla glass 3. do i need a tempered glass for it?
    05-20-2016 09:23 PM
  2. xandros9's Avatar
    Are you prone to breaking stuff?

    Are you OK with paying however much money for some piece of mind?
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    05-20-2016 10:38 PM
  3. mskoch123's Avatar
    What is the down side to putting one on?
    05-20-2016 10:51 PM
  4. xandros9's Avatar
    What is the down side to putting one on?
    Assuming the glass isn't defective... (because if it's poorly designed it could interfere with the proximity sensor, which isn't likely as long as it has cutouts.)

    The downsides are that it costs money, and results in a more protected screen if you don't like that.
    05-20-2016 11:24 PM
  5. Greywolf1967's Avatar
    If like me, and you use an active stylus to take notes and doodle plan ideas for work then no as it will leave you with dead spots on the screen.
    However I am not against screen protectors as scratches and scuffs drive me bonkers !!!!

    I will say my Lumia 1020 looked like it was fresh out of the box when it sold after 3 years, as with Gorilla glass I would protect the plastic body more then the screen.

    My 640 XL screen looks like day one, but my White Gloss body developed a crack already in my pocket ( as I work in a machine shop), and a stray metal chip got in the pocket and caused a long scratch on the body also......means a trip to the Microsoft store to replace the back. I've also started to search for a thinnish rubberized wrap/case for it.
    05-21-2016 04:22 AM
  6. Derausgewanderte's Avatar
    It depends on how you treat your phone. My wife and I have the 640XL. My wife's phone sits in her purse most of the time. There is a lot of other hard stuff in the same purse and even with a layer of fabric between the phone pocket and other stuff there is a lot of rubbing and friction going on. On her L830 before this, over time the oleic coating got thin and did not work anymore in several spots. Micro scratches showed up as well. My kids have a 640 and their screens got lots of micro scratches very quickly because they don't really care too much. We applied regular screen protectors on their 640s since then.

    We use this Sojitek temperered glass protector on our 640XLs. Works very well and comes at a decent price and lifetime replacement warranty (used this once already), no issues with sensors and can be applied perfectly without it coming off at the edges over time.

    Again, it really depends. Many don't care about micro scratches because it is something that eventually happens. Many would like to sell their phones after some time and decide to protect it, or they are OCD like myself. I don't like plastic protectors. The tempered glass protector has an oleic coating on it and it feels just like the actual screen of the phone.
    05-21-2016 08:41 AM
  7. trha's Avatar
    An extra layer of protection doesn't hurt. I have cases & screen protectors on all of my phones. It really bothers me when I see scratches, even tiny-tiny ones.
    05-21-2016 09:43 AM
  8. ce_tx's Avatar
    The faintest of scratches irk me, too. I have used Fosmon's matte screen protectors on all of my Lumias. Not tempered glass, just the film. I find that the matte texture makes it easier to glide my fingertips around the screen. Just put a fresh one on my new XL. :)
    06-07-2016 07:43 PM

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